Double sharpener Tub 150


Tub of 150 KUM Sharpeners

Great quality double sharpeners

3 superb colours

Sizes include 8.0 mm and 11.0 mm

Made in Germany



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Double sharpener Tub 150

Double sharpener Tub 150 with attractive Neon colours .

These can be used to sharpen various types of pencils. These can be school pencils, colouring pencils, makeup eye pencils and jumbo pencils. The Sharp blade sharpens the pencils very well. The superb material used in making these gives them a fine finish. This makes it easy to grip during use. Made with a stainless steel blade giving them long lasting use. The Sharp blade sharpens the pencils very well, with an 8.0 mm hole for standard pencils and up-to 11.0 mm hole for large (jumbo) pencils. Manufactured in Germany with a quality finish.


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